carol wolter-gustafson. practicing the person-centered approach. At the center of my work is the creation of learning experiences where empathic understanding is cultivated. Empathy  is at the heart of constructive personal and social  understanding and change. My experience in facilitating  workshops, seeing clients in psychotherapy and in  working with university students confirms a central  Person-Centered premise: When each voice is heard and respected, people are empowered to live more fully, more creatively in all aspects of their lives.
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If the time comes when our culture tires of endless homicidal feuds, despairs of the use of force and war as a means of bringing peace, becomes discontent with the half lives that it’s members are living only then will our culture seriously look for alternatives . . . When that time comes they will not find a void. . . . They will find that there are ways of being that do not involve power over persons and groups. They will discover that harmonious community can be built on the basis of mutual respect and enhanced personal growth.

— Carl Rogers, A Way of Being

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Libera Universita di Alcatraz, Perugia, Italy

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Carol Wolter-Gustafson . 21 Arborway Terrace . Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130 . 617.524.5373 .

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